The Carbon Trust in the UK is piloting a new standard for the control over water. Interestingly many believe that the Carbon Trust is a UK Government initiative. In reality they are a private organization that looks and feels like a Government enterprise.
Still the concept of water conservation is a genuine cost to business, reducing water usage will reduce costs and increase profits.

New initiatives in environmental certifications and labeling are directly beneficial to business models as well as the future of the planet. The latest pilot in environmental certification comes from a call to pathfinders by Carbon Trust for water footprinting. Water waste by businesses is a burden on costs and the environment, this water lifecycle standard will ensure that certification holders are in line with world standards.

Carbon Trust is an independent, private entity that is thinking towards future environmental strains, while simultaneously allowing firms to be more economically lean. The use of Carbon Trust’s Water Footprint label will allow companies to improve the sustainability lifecycle of their products as well as pinpoint certain pollution hot spots.

Energy costs can be reduced through less water usage especially in places where water is required to be heated or cooled. With fresh water demand expected to increase by more than 50% by 2050, a worldwide conservation movement will help to lessen the demand. Worldwide, agriculture businesses consume about 70% of the freshwater used globally. For that industry, as well as all the businesses dependent on crop production, this is a major concern with water scarcity being a topic of interest.

The level of understanding within the confines of conservation and water life cycle is going to lead the world into a better tomorrow by way of earth friendliness and economic benefits.

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