the rise of arctic plants by neil burnard

The Rise of Arctic Plants

The impact of climate change can be felt across the world, even places where humans are nowhere to be found.  In barren, arctic ecosystems, it’s started to create more shrub vegetation.  A study at Lund University in Sweden has shown that organisms like bacteria and fungi are triggered to break down particularly nutritious parts of […]

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Water-Use Reduction Benefits

The Carbon Trust in the UK is piloting a new standard for the control over water. Interestingly many believe that the Carbon Trust is a UK Government initiative. In reality they are a private organization that looks and feels like a Government enterprise. Still the concept of water conservation is a genuine cost to business, […]

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Carbon Reduction: What is the UK Doing About It?

The United Kingdom introduced the Climate Change Act at the commencement of a recession. What people don’t appreciate is that it is legally binding in the UK that greenhouse gas emissions must fall by at least 80% by 2050. The Act introduced a system of carbon budgets which provide legally binding limits on the amount […]

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